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Adam Flynn personal brand logo set animation

The Brief

"One designer, many faces..."

With my personal branding I wanted to demonstrate my ability to approach projects in a different light, while still having a clear, and unified brand that reflects my personal tastes. Additionally I wanted something that was clean and simple in order to best show off my work in a physical or digital portfolio.

To solve this I adopted the phrase: “One designer, many faces...”. I used this phrase literally and designed eight different logotypes that each utilized a different typeface while still reflecting the rest of the brand. For continuity sake only one logotype would be applied per usage of the brand, as demonstrated below.

Finally, I created a series of eight posters, one for each logotype, which help to demonstrate my original goals.

1-4 logos 5-8 logos Business card mockup Business card display Business card display 2 Folder & letterhead Letterhead closeup Resume & letterhead Resume icons closeup Envelope mockup Stationary mockup Bubbler mailer mockup


Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3-4 Poster 5-6 Poster 7-8 Poster display


Website portfolio home page mockup Website portfolio project page mockup Mobile website portfolio home page mockup Mobile website portfolio project page mockup

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